What Are Cannabis Flavonoids And What Do They Do?

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Over time, researchers have discovered 483 compounds in cannabis plants that contribute to their unique qualities. This includes cannabinoids such as THC and CBD – the compounds known for delivering a range of fascinating effects and benefits. It also includes terpenoids, which impact the flavor and aroma of strains. However, not as many people know about cannabis flavonoids.

Flavonoids are naturally-occurring compounds that can be found in various plants, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Flavonoids are largely responsible for giving these plants their unique colors, but they can also serve other practical purposes. So what exactly are cannabis flavonoids and what do they do? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are a range of phytonutrients that can be found in a wide variety of plants. For instance, fruits and vegetables are abundant in flavonoids, and flavonoids are what give them color. Flavonoids in flowers often also help with attracting pollinators, protecting them from pests, and offering various other helpful functions.

Like in other plants, cannabis flavonoids are responsible for giving strains of cannabis flowers their unique colors. For instance, you might notice the rich green and purple hints of Death Bubba, or the vibrant orange pistils of Cement Shoes. These colors are largely due to the flavonoid profile of each strain.

Cannabis flavonoids are often also referred to as cannflavins. Compared to cannabinoids and terpenoids, flavonoids in cannabis are vastly understudied and there’s probably a lot we don’t know about them. With that said, they play a large part in making each cannabis strain different along with the other aforementioned compounds.

What Do Cannabis Flavonoids Do?

Flavonoids are known for adding pigmentation to plants – including cannabis flowers. You’ll often notice that each strain has a unique blend of colorful leaves and pistils, and this is due to the flavonoids present. However, flavonoids aren’t just there to add color – they can also contribute to the effects of each strain.

It’s well established that the blend of compounds found in cannabis strains work together to produce an entourage effect. For instance, the relaxing properties of terpenes like limonene can complement the soothing effects of THC and CBD. Other terpenoids are also known to help with everything from pain to sleep to anxiety.

However, it turns out that flavonoids can also contribute to the benefits of cannabis. A 2019 study found that flavonoids extracted from cannabis sativa strains exhibited anti-inflammatory activity up to thirty times as potent as aspirin. A 2021 research review also noted that cannflavins have neuroprotective and antioxidative effects.

Flavonoids and Cannabinoids

Flavonoids and Cannabinoids: What’s the Difference?

Cannabis plants contain a wide range of compounds that contribute to their fascinating properties. However, the effects you experience after smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis in other ways are largely due to cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are naturally-occurring compounds that bind to metabolites in your body to produce a range of physical and mental reactions.

For example, THC is known for activating brain reward circuits, as well as inducing a range of physically relaxing and mentally euphoric effects. While CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of THC, research shows it has a wide variety of applications due to its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

In contrast, flavonoids don’t bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body and don’t produce such strong effects. They’re mainly responsible for adding pigmentation to strains as well as a few other benefits. With that said, flavonoids likely work in conjunction with cannabinoids and terpenes to contribute to their effects.

Flavonoids and Terpenoids: What’s the Difference?

Another important range of compounds found in cannabis plants is terpenes or terpenoids. Like flavonoids, these natural compounds are found in all kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. However, while flavonoids are responsible for adding color, terpenes are responsible for contributing to the aroma and flavor of each plant.

The flavor of each cannabis strain is largely due to its terpenoid profile. For instance, strains that are high in limonene will have a tangy, citrus aroma. Pinene-rich strains smell more like pine trees. Each strain contains a range of terpenes, hence why you’ll notice a blend of unique scents when you sniff your cannabis strains.

You might assume flavonoids are responsible for flavor due to the name, but it’s the terpenes in cannabis that make them taste good. However, like flavonoids, terpenoids can also work alongside cannabinoids to contribute to the effects and benefits of each strain. For instance, some terpenes have anti-inflammatory, mood-boosting, or analgesic properties.

How to Try Cannabis Flavonoids

Flavonoids are present in all cannabis strains. The effects of flavonoids can be seen in the difference between strains – such as their unique color profiles. In conjunction with terpenes and cannabinoids, flavonoids may even impact the effects each strain gives you. As such, the best way to try flavonoids is by buying a range of cannabis strains.

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How to Try Cannabis Flavonoids


Cannabis flavonoids add color to your cannabis strains. They can also work alongside terpenes and cannabinoids to enhance the effects and benefits of each strain. Although they’re under-researched compared to cannabinoids and terpenes, studies have revealed many interesting things about flavonoids.

The best way to experience flavonoids for yourself is to simply buy high-quality cannabis strains. You’ll notice the impact of flavonoids in the bag appeal of your strains. They can also contribute to the effects. If you’re looking for premium cannabis strains at excellent prices, visit Buy My Weed Online.

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