In celebration of the legalization of edibles in Canada, we’re pleased to launch a brand new section on our website dedicated to edibles. Our valued customers can not only browse the dozens of recipes but can also participate in the weekly competition and win great rewards.

Here’s how it works:

1. Write the recipe following our prescribed format.
2. Send in the recipe at
3. Winners will be announced each week via emails and also in the Announcements section of our blog.

Format for Recipes:

1. Your recipe must clearly explain each preparatory step.
2. Your recipe must include the following: prep time, cook time, resting/cooling time (if applicable), difficulty, and number of servings.
3. Your recipe must be accompanied with pictures, showing every major step involved in the preparation.
4. Your recipe should outline a detailed list of ingredients and the corresponding quantity of each ingredient required for the recipe.
5. Your recipe should fall into one of the 18 recipe categories listed on our website.
6. Along with the recipe, send us your username/email address that you used to register on our website so we can instantly credit your account with the reward if you win.


1. Your recipe should be unique and not copied from other sites.
2. The pictures should be clear and high-definition. Blurry and shaky pictures will greatly deteriorate your chances of winning.
3. Recipe submissions that do not follow our prescribed format will not be considered.
4. Our team will select 1 winner every week, depending on the uniqueness and overall quality of the submitted recipe.