How to Use Weed Stems and Why Smoking Stems Is A Bad Idea

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If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you might be wondering if you should smoke weed stems. You may not want to take the time to take each stem out before loading your bowl. Or you may only have stems left. No matter what your situation, it is important to avoid smoking stems.

Why You Should Avoid Smoking Stems

You may find that you end up with a headache after smoking stems, and there will be no positive effects. There is little THC in the stem, and the value in stems comes from the crystals on the outside. 

When you smoke a stem, you are inhaling the plant material, rather than the cannabinoids. This is similar to smoking the bud, but you get no psychoactive components from the stems. However, that does not mean you should throw the stem away.

How to Use the Stem

When you are looking for cannabis, you should look for resinous crystals on it. This shows that you have a potent bud. You can find the crystals on the bud, the stems, and the leaves. Removing the crystals from the stems helps you get the most out of the herb. You can shake the crystals off or even extract them, depending on the stem.

Weed Stem Tea

Weed Stem Tea

A great way to kick back and relax is to infuse your favourite type of tea with the extra stems. This will not give you much of a high, but it can be very relaxing and give you mild euphoria. A few flavours of tea you can try include peppermint, chamomile, and chai. You can also look for other herbal concoctions.

To make it, you will first need to decarboxylate the stems by heating them, usually in the oven. That will activate the cannabinoids. You can also make cannabutter and add that to your tea. After your stems have been activated, you can grind them to small pieces. However, you should avoid grinding them to a powder because it can leave a bitter taste.

Now, place the stems in a pot and add water and a bit of coconut oil or butter. Boil it and then let it simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can filter it at the end by pouring it through a cheesecloth, fine strainer, or coffee filter. Then, squeeze out all the liquid into a container. You can now use this liquid to brew a pot of your favourite tea and enjoy.

Stem-Infused Alcohol

Many people have infused alcohol with marijuana. With the legality of marijuana, you can even find cannabis-infused beers and wines. However, you can make your own with your leftover stems. To start, get a 40 percent whisky, vodka, or other alcohol. 

Pour a little out into another container to make some room in the bottle. Now, grind your stems into small pieces and decarboxylate them before you put them into the bottle. Make sure that each of your stems is completely submerged into the liquid. 

Now, tightly seal the bottle and put it in a dark, cool space. Check the bottle every day and shake it up, which will stir up the weed pieces. Repeat this step for about seven to 10 days. After this period, you can pour your alcohol through a cheesecloth or another fine strainer to remove plant bits. 

Remember that your new drink has a different effect than either cannabis or alcohol by itself. It is best to only have a small drink at first and then work your way up if you want more of an effect.

Stem Hash Oil

If you have ever made hash oil with your kief or bud, you will use the same process. The difference is that by only using stems, the potency will be a bit lower. To make this, you will need your collected stems and a bottle of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Grind the stems until they are very fine. Now, place them in a glass jar and cover them completely with the isopropyl alcohol. Shake the jar for a couple of minutes to ensure that everything is combined well.

Then, you can pour the liquid through a strainer so you can remove the excess plant material. Now place the liquid in a bowl or a glass dish. This should sit in a ventilated area until the alcohol has evaporated. In the end, you will have a resinous, sticky coating in the bottom of the dish. This is known as hash, and you can scrape it out and form it into a pancake or ball to smoke.

Stem Butter

Stem Butter

If you have made cannabutter in the past, you will use the same process, except use stems. However, remember that when you use stems instead of marijuana buds, the butter will be less potent.

Arts and Crafts

If you are not looking for a buzz from your stems but still want to use them, consider doing a crafty project. This generally requires longer and thicker stems than you may have. You can use a sharp knife to remove the stem’s fibres and then weave them into a basket or bracelet. 

You can also use them instead of barbecue skewers for a cannabis flavour. Just form the end to a sharp point and skewer your meat with them. While you will not get a buzz, you will mildly flavour the meat with them.

Closing Thoughts

You should not smoke your weed stems. This will only destroy the substances in them and reduce the flavour. However, there are many other uses for these leftovers. You can make everything from butter to tea to alcohol. You can even use them for arts and crafts, such as baskets or skewers for your barbecue. 

The right use for your stems will depend on what you want to accomplish. For example, weed stem tea is great if you want to relax. Stem-infused alcohol is a great idea if you want to have a bit of fun.

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