How To Eliminate the Smell of Cannabis

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Smoking cannabis has all kinds of perks. It can improve your mood, relieve pain and inflammation, make you more social, and even enhance your creativity and mental focus. However, it can also have its drawbacks. Aside from dry eyes, dry mouth, and the munchies, one of the most common problems people have with cannabis is the strong smell it leaves behind.

When you smoke weed, the smell can end up lingering in your house for many hours. On top of that, it can end up in your hair, and on your clothes, and even on your skin. This isn’t a problem for some users, but some might want to mask the smell from their housemates or even get rid of the smell altogether. Here’s a guide on how to eliminate the smell of cannabis.

Smoke Somewhere With Plenty Of Air Circulation

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of the smell of cannabis is with plenty of air circulation. Even if you’re currently smoking, smoking somewhere where there’s plenty of fresh air will ensure that the smell dissipates quickly. This can help prevent your home, your skin, and your clothes from smelling of weed.

Many people smoke outdoors for this reason. That way, the smell of weed smoke quickly fades away as you’re smoking. If you prefer to smoke indoors, try to smoke near an open window to avoid the lingering stench of weed. It can also help to turn on a fan or air conditioner to get rid of the smell in your house.

Take A Shower And Change Your Clothes

No matter where you smoke, the smell of weed can swiftly get caught in your hair and on your clothes. Some people might not mind the lingering smell of their favorite cannabis strain, but others might want to get rid of the smell as quickly as possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to shower after you’ve finished a heavy smoking session.

Showering will ensure that your skin and hair no longer smell like weed. After that, you can put your old clothes in the laundry and put on a clean set of clothes. Just like that, you’ll no longer be coated in the smell of weed. Instead, you’ll smell clean and fresh and no one will know you’ve just smoked. On top of that, showering feels great when you’re high and can even help you sober up.

Mask The Scent Of Weed With Stronger Scents

Mask The Scent Of Weed With Stronger Scents

Weed smoke can quickly fill the air and make its way around your house, especially if you’re smoking a particularly pungent cannabis strain. Air circulation will help, but sometimes you’ll still catch the scent of weed. As such, one of the best ways to get rid of that lingering cannabis smell is to mask it with stronger scents.

Some people burn incense or light scented candles before smoking weed. That way, you’ll barely smell the weed as the room will be filled with more alluring scents. Alternatively, you can spray some air freshener or even your favorite cologne or perfume around the room after you’ve finished smoking. This is a quick and easy way to eliminate the smell of weed.

Store Your Weed In Sealed Containers

While there are many effective ways to get rid of the smell of weed smoke, you should also ensure that your leftover weed doesn’t stink up the house. Dried cannabis flower can have a strong scent, so it’s important to keep it somewhere where you won’t catch the scent as you’re walking by.

Ideally, you should store your leftover weed in a clean, dry, sealed container. A Mason jar works especially well for this. You should also place the container in a cool, dry place. Not only will this contain the smell, but it’ll also keep your weed fresh and potent for longer as it’s kept away from heat, light, oxygen, and moisture.

Brush Your Teeth Or Chew Gum

Even if you smoke somewhere with plenty of air circulation and shower after smoking, there’s still one place where the smell of weed can remain – your breath. Not only will you taste the lingering scent of your cannabis, but other people might smell weed on your breath and know that you’ve been smoking.

As such, it’s always a good idea to brush your teeth straight after smoking. It’ll keep your breath fresh and also keep your teeth healthy. Quickly rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can also go a long way. If you don’t have time to brush your teeth or if you’re at a friend’s house, you might want to use some chewing gum instead.

Use A Marijuana Vaporizer Instead Of Smoking

Use A Marijuana Vaporizer Instead Of Smoking

One of the best ways to prevent the lingering smell of weed is to avoid smoking altogether. There are now many effective methods of consumption that don’t leave a strong smell behind. For instance, you might want to try using a marijuana vaporizer for your weed instead of smoking it in a joint or bowl.

Vaporizing involves heating your weed to create thick, potent marijuana vapor that you can inhale for instant effects. Not only is this less harsh on your lungs, but weed vapor will dissipate quicker and, as such, won’t leave a strong smell in the air, on your clothes, or in your hair. You might still end up with a strong taste of weed in your mouth, but you can quickly get rid of this with gum or mouthwash.

Try Marijuana Edibles Or Tinctures

You can also avoid the smell of cannabis by avoiding inhaling it altogether. Instead, you can use alternative marijuana products such as cannabis edibles or tinctures. Edibles are marijuana-infused food products that give you a potent, long-lasting high. They come in the form of chocolates, gummies, and other tasty treats that won’t leave you with a lingering weed scent.

Cannabis tinctures are another good option. These can be applied under your tongue for fast-acting effects. They can also be mixed with foods or drinks for quick and easy cannabis edibles or beverages. Whichever way, they also help you prevent leaving the smell of weed behind.


There are many effective ways to eliminate the smell of cannabis. If you’re planning to smoke weed, make sure you smoke somewhere with plenty of air circulation and consider using incense or scented candles to mask the smell. You should also shower, brush your teeth, and store any leftover weed safely to avoid the lingering smell of weed.

Alternatively, you can use other methods of consumption to avoid lingering scents altogether. Vaporizing marijuana is a good option, but you could also try marijuana edibles, tinctures, or even cannabis topicals. You can find all of these products and more online at Buy My Weed Online.

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