How Much Should You Pay for Marijuana?

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Let’s face it; money can be tight sometimes. Many of us rely on setting budgets to help us reach our savings goals while still enjoying our favourite activities.

Whether you are trying to create a budget or just curious before you start using cannabis products, knowing how much it costs is essential. But, if you search how much you should pay for weed, you’ll find many answers.

What Determines Price

The price of cannabis will vary based on multiple different factors:

  • Your location. It may seem odd, but where you are will play a part in the price you can expect to pay for cannabis. Where you are will determine how weed is grown and whether or not it is legal to use. Places with legalized cannabis tend to have slightly lower prices than those in a location that has not yet legalized it.
  • The quality. One of the biggest drivers of price when it comes to cannabis is the quality you are getting. Higher quality cannabis can demand a high price. However, the good news is that there is usually a wide range of options for quality (see our rating info below).
  • The type of bud. As you know, there are many different cannabis strains on the market today, each with its unique properties and effects. Some strains will be more in-demand than others. When demand for a specific plant is up, the price will also increase.
  • How it’s grown. Cannabis plants can be grown indoors, outdoors, and even in greenhouses. Certain plants will thrive in specific environments. Plus, different growing methods take different amounts of work. In general, cannabis grown indoors can be more expensive, while outdoor-grown products can fluctuate throughout the year with the harvesting cycle.
  • The kind of cannabis product. The cannabis market is growing, and so is the number of different products people can try. While we primarily focus on the cost of cannabis flowers in this article, other products like gummies, edibles, capsules, and even oils are available. Different products are priced in different ways, so what you are buying will also influence the price of your cannabis.

As you can see, a lot goes into determining the price of cannabis, but this list is not exhaustive. Company overhead and reputation, and other factors, will also play a role in determining price, as will your delivery or pickup method.

Cannabis Rating System Breakdown

Cannabis Rating System Breakdown

As we mentioned, the quality of cannabis plays a significant role in determining the price. So, how do you know the quality of the cannabis you are about to purchase? And how do you know that price matches the quality? You don’t want to be stuck paying top price for a low-grade product after all.

Though not regulated by the government, most online dispensaries have adopted a grading system for cannabis, starting at A and going all the way to AAAAA. When shopping for weed online, you’ll likely see these ratings listed with cannabis strains.

Here’s what they mean:

  • A is the lowest level of cannabis, and you are unlikely to find this grade of weed for sale at a store. It generally refers to home-grown weed.
  • AA will sometimes include cannabis that is close to its expiration to help get it off of shelves. While it will still be potent, it may be slightly brown or off-colored.
  • AAA is an excellent middle-of-the-road weed. It used to be the highest rating weed could receive. Now, it is considered a good quality weed with its buds that aren’t quite perfect.
  • AAAA is cannabis that is considered high-quality. It will be a bit more on the expensive side of the scale, but it is worth it for many.
  • AAAAA is a distinction you’ll likely only see online. Weeds with this rating are considered as close to perfect as growers can get, and users can expect to pay top dollar for it.  

It is important to remember that the grading scale is not grading the effect or potency of the cannabis bud, as people prize different factors over others. Instead, the rating scale determines the care that went into growing it and the quality of the bud itself.

Knowing the grade of the cannabis you are preparing to buy will give you an idea of the price you can expect to pay. Remember, the more “A” s in the rating, the more expensive it will likely be.

Your Cannabis Budget

If you are on a tight cannabis budget, there are ways you can get the most out of what you have to spend while still getting quality products.

  1. Remember that AAA weed is still good quality. Don’t feel like you have to pay for AAAA or AAAAA; these buds are just closer to perfection. You can still get high and have an enjoyable experience if your favourite strain is AAA (or even AA).
  2. Try other products. As we mentioned, there are tons of cannabis products on the market. If smoking weed pushes your budget, consider adding different products to your rotation that may be cheaper and more economical.
  3. Look for loyalty programs. Many online dispensaries will offer deals or rewards programs for those who shop with them. Be sure to take advantage of these deals as you shop to get the most out of your cannabis budget.

Your Cannabis Budget

The Cost of Marijuana: A Summary

So, how much should you pay for marijuana? The answer is: it depends.

Many different factors determine the price of cannabis, including your location, the quality, and even the company’s reputation. To learn what you can expect to pay as you make your budget or decide to jump into the cannabis world, you will need to do some research and compare prices.

When it comes to buying cannabis, you can expect to get what you pay for. You will need to spend more on higher-quality buds. But, there are many options out there to help you find products that fit your budget.

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