How To Stop Your Cannabis Pre-Rolls From Getting Old

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Cannabis pre-rolls are ideal for when you want to simply grab a joint and get high. Some users buy packs of pre-rolls. Others buy their favorite strains of marijuana flower, roll them into joints, and save them for later. Either way, if you’re stocking up on joints, it’s important to know how to stop your cannabis pre-rolls from getting old.

Marijuana can last for a while. But without proper storage, it can quickly degrade. Elements such as excessive heat, light, temperature, and moisture can quickly ruin your weed. Conversely, storing your weed appropriately will ensure it maintains its potency and freshness. Fortunately, there are many good ways to store your joints. Here’s how to stop your cannabis pre-rolls from getting old.

Store Joints In Cigar Tubes Or Savarettes

If you have a single joint you want to store, you might want to keep it in a cigar tube. These handy tubes are the perfect size for joints and blunts. Using one of these will keep your weed away from heat, light, and moisture with ease. Plus, they’re often made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, which will keep your pre-rolls fresher for longer.

Savarettes are another good option. Similar to cigar tubes, these devices are perfect for storing conical joints. They’re simple and effective, and you can usually find multi-packs for storing all your joints. However, since they’re made of plastic, they’re not necessarily the best storage solution compared to others.

Store Pre-Rolls In Their Original Packaging

While you’ll need to find a new storage container for joints you’ve rolled yourself, pre-rolls bought from a store or dispensary often come in ideal packaging already. If your pre-rolls already come packaged in a tube or bottle, you may want to use this packaging to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Even after you’ve smoked half a joint, you can place it back in its original packaging to keep it for your next smoking session. As long as you don’t store it for too long, this can work just fine. You can also clean your empty joint tubes and use them for future joints. Some containers even give you enough space to store multiple pre-rolls, such as these 10 Premium Blunts.

Store Joints In A Large Pill Container

Store Joints In A Large Pill Container

One of the best storage solutions for your pre-rolled joints is an empty pill container. These containers are generally designed to keep products fresh and safe from contaminants. What’s more, you’ll probably already have some around the house. While a small pill container won’t be big enough to fit your joints, you can find many that are just the right size.

Before placing your pre-rolled joints in an empty pill container, it’s best to watch it thoroughly. You should also make sure it’s dry to avoid your joints from being affected by moisture. As long as you handle that, these containers should work well for storing your joints for short to medium periods.

Store Pre-Rolls In A Cannabis Humidor

Humidors are boxes designed to give products the ideal conditions and humidity levels for long-lasting freshness. While humidors were originally designed for tobacco products such as cigars, you can now find cannabis humidors for keeping your weed fresh. These aren’t just great for loose cannabis flower – you can also use them to store your pre-rolls.

A cannabis humidor is a much fancier way of storing your spare cannabis. It’s also one of the best ways as it’s designed to keep your products fresher for longer. You can store your joints in here and rest assured they’ll still be potent and satisfying when you choose to smoke them. With that said, they generally cost much more than other storage solutions.

Store Joints In A Glass Jar

When in doubt, glass jars always work well for storing cannabis. Many people use Mason jars or other sealable glass jars for storing their marijuana flower strains. However, you can also use a jar for storing your pre-rolls. Not only is it large enough, but it’s great for keeping your joints safe and fresh.

Simply find a sealable glass jar, wash and dry it, then fill it with your joints. You can grab a joint whenever you’re in the mood then reseal the jar. It’s best to store your joints separately from other products. It’s also best to keep your jar in a cool, dry place to avoid your products being affected by heat and light.

Store Cannabis Pre-Rolls In A Cigar Tin

Store Cannabis Pre-Rolls In A Cigar Tin

If you have a spare cigar tin, you can also use it to stash your joints. These tins are great as they’ll keep your joints away from heat, light, and moisture. They can also be cleaned and reused multiple times. You can even use them to store half-used joints since they’re made of metal and won’t get burned.

Cigar tins are often the ideal size for joints and blunts, meaning your pre-rolls should fit perfectly. However, if you don’t have a cigar tin, other types of tins can also work well. It’s a quick and easy storage option that’s excellent for cannabis pre-rolls.

Buy Your Pre-Rolls As You Need Them

You don’t necessarily need to store pre-rolls for a long time. Sometimes, it’s better to simply buy your joints as you need them. You can buy pre-rolls online quickly and easily. Once you need more, you can simply make another order.

The same applies if you roll joints yourself. Instead of rolling your joints for weeks ahead, you can roll one joint at a time. That way, your joints will always be fresh. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a pipe, bong, or vaporizer to make getting high even more convenient.


Cannabis pre-rolls can last for a long time when stored correctly. By keeping your pre-rolls in a suitable container and keeping them away from heat, light, moisture, and oxygen, you can avoid them getting old and ensure you always have a fresh joint when you need one.

Whether you prefer to buy pre-rolled joints or roll your joints yourself, you can find a range of joints, blunts, cannabis flower strains, and all kinds of other cannabis products online at Buy My Weed Online.

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