Flyte Concentrates

Describing themselves as “pretty much a bunch of vape pen nerds”, Flyte Concentrates is one of Canada’s most popular vape pen brands. They have been able to develop some of the highest quality vape pens and cartridges after years of cutting-edge research into multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks.

About Flyte Concentrates

Flyte Concentrates see themselves as a company at the forefront of the global cannabis market! As one of Canada’s most popular and trusted vape pen brands, Flyte has only one mission – to create the best and highest quality cannabis vapes ever. They’re one of the few brands out there that have put in the effort it needs to do their own homework. The result? A one-of-its-kind proprietary technique to distil cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities!
Flyte concentrates products

Flyte Concentrates Canada is notorious for providing ultra high-quality vape pens and CBD/THC refill cartridges! All of Flyte’s products are guaranteed to provide the exact same quality that their customers demand – every single time. Their most famous products include:

  • Flyte pen chargers
  • Flyte CBD cartridges
  • Flyte pen refills
  • and Flyte concentrates flavours!

When you buy Flyte vape pens online, you get a premium quality product that you can trust completely.

Flyte is also famous for producing some of the best tasting concentrates flavours and vape cartridges in Canada! Their most famous flavours and cartridges include their Flyte/KEYY Vape Pen Starter Kits in:

  • Blueberry
  • Grapefruit Haze
  • Green Crack God (GCG)
  • Mango
  • Tangerine
  • Charlotte’s Web (8:1) CBD,
  • and the Flyte Vape Pen Kit in Mint (1:0) CBD

What are you waiting for? Get yourself an amazing Flyte vape today!

Flyte concentrates quality

Flyte believes that technology is the best way forward in an increasingly weed-friendly world. They used the very same technology to co-develop an entirely unique pen vaporizer design. Flyte Vape pens can vaporize even the thickest and most purified cannabis oil in seconds!

As a brand that’s focused entirely on quality and innovative technology, Flyte promises all their customers 100% commitment to delivering only the best of the best. Their vape pens and flavours are guaranteed to satisfy the same way, even after ages and ages of use. This no-compromise on quality policy is the reason Flyte is the favoured brand of cannabis vapes for thousands of Canadians!