How Does It Feel to Smoke CBD Flower?

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The CBD flower is quickly growing to be a consumer favourite when it comes to cannabis. Aside from its many benefits, many first-time smokers are opting for the flower due to its calming nature.

Besides smoking, there are many other ways of consuming CBD flower, including vaping, using topicals, and consuming it directly inform of edibles. If you’re new to the cannabis world and want to know more about CBD flowers, allow us to take you through the CBD smoking experience. Read on to find out how smoking CBD flowers will make you feel.

How Does CBD Flower Make You Feel?

People smoke marijuana for various reasons. Some use it for pain relief, some to feel high, and others to get their creative juices flowing. Regardless of your reason for smoking, the herb will evoke certain sensations within you. 

It is, however, important to note that despite being part of the marijuana family, CBD won’t get you high. This is because it has low levels of THC—the compound responsible for the euphoric high you get from smoking recreational marijuana. Typically, the higher the amount of THC a strain has, the more potent it is. So, if CBD flower won’t get you high, then what effect does it have on you? 

Well, you’ll feel a slight buzz in your head for the first few minutes after smoking it. But it won’t impair your body functions in any way. Most users report experiencing a sense of overall well-being after consuming the plant. 

Smoking CBD generally leads to feelings of relaxation and a “body high.” This is much different from the euphoric high you get from smoking recreational marijuana. With this one, you get a feeling of relief and calmness after a few puffs.

There are different strains of CBD flower, all of which produce varying effects when smoked. Some strains, for example, will make you feel sleepier, while others will give you an energy boost, making them perfect for your wake and bake sessions. Others are more geared towards improving your focus and concentration. 

However, the effects of CBD will slowly reduce when you get used to smoking it. Your mind and body tend to build up a tolerance to CBD flowers fast. Therefore, you won’t feel the immediate effects of the flower if you’re an experienced cannabis user. Nonetheless, you will still experience the calming properties and the results of smoking it in the long run.

Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

The main advantage of smoking CBD flower is its activation speed. It’s the fastest way to experience the effects of the hemp plant, with results kicking in within 30 to 60 seconds after the first puff. If you’re looking for a fast-acting solution, then inhaling CBD is an excellent way to go.

Another advantage of smoking CBD flower is that it won’t make you intoxicated or high. This is because it contains less than 0.3% of THC-the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects you get from smoking recreational marijuana. This makes it a perfect option for people who want to reap the medical benefits of marijuana without getting high.

Which Is the Best CBD Strain to Smoke?

Different hemp strains contain different CBD concentrations. The strain you choose will largely depend on the effect you’re going for. That being said, most hybrid strains make for good CBD high strains. You can find them in both online and physical dispensaries

If you’re looking for a strain that will knock you out and put you to sleep or one that can help you focus better, here are some you might enjoy.

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a popular CBD hemp flower that boasts a delicious berry and pineapple flavour. It’s characterized by its bright green flowers and orange hairs that sprout from its well-structured bud. This strain leaves a floral aftertaste in your mouth after smoking.

The Hawaiian haze strain is known to have a significant effect on creative energy. It can help you focus and lift your mood when you’re down. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a strain that supports a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower

Sour space candy is another sativa dominant CBD hybrid strain with a unique terpene profile. It has a tropical fruit aftertaste when smoked. It specifically tastes like citrus but with pungent fuel-like notes resembling sour diesel.

This strain is suitable for evening dinner parties or when you want to get creative. It’s a great relaxer and can help unhinge your creative joints before you start working. Its high CBD concentration makes it a versatile solution to many issues, such as reducing stress and calming the mind.

Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower

Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

If you’re looking for a solution to mild body aches and stress relief, then Elektra is the perfect strain for you. This CBD high strain is known for sticky flower buds that provide profound physical relaxation when smoked. It has a chocolatey flavour with citrus and wine notes that make it great for parties and dinners.

It may also be a great pain reliever for mild and chronic pains that doesn’t cause fatigue. 

Can I Smoke CBD Oil?

CBD flower is used to make a variety of products. These include vape juice, CBD oil tinctures, edibles, and capsules. The tinctures are meant to be orally ingested, while vape juice can be smoked using a vape pen. CBD vape juice, also known as vape oil, contains varying concentrations of CBD, which are regulated by state-specific laws.

The Bottom Line

CBD hemp flower is excellent for beginners who want to try out hemp to solve different health problems. Remember, the dosage is essential. So, you should consult your physician before visiting your nearest dispensary. Your weight, for example, determines how many milligrams of CBD flower you need to smoke to feel its full effects. Therefore, ensure you get the right amount for your weight bracket.

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