A Guide to Different Types of Wax Dabs

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Dabbing is in vogue, both as a dance move and a marijuana product. But forget about the dance moves for now. Let’s focus on the different types of wax dabs that fill vape pens and are suitable for use with tinctures, topicals, and edibles.

Wax dabs are created by blasting marijuana flowers with butane oil or another solvent to extract THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The finished product features a gluey wax consistency, hence the name wax dabs. It is the most potent dab you’ll inhale, especially for first-timers.

Here’s an ultimate guide to wax dabs. We’ll break down each type and what sets it apart from other weed products. By the end of it, you’ll be going out to shop for these honey-hued concentrates.

Types of Wax


Shatter is a popular wax concentrate. You can find it in nearly all dispensaries. It has a gold or amber colour that’s virtually see-through. The popularity of shatter stems from its shiny texture, clean taste, and high purity of over 80 percent THC. 

It features a firm, glass-like texture that can be delicate and fragile. In fact, shatter behaves the same way its name suggests and will shatter when you break it apart using a dab tool. When handling shatter, be gentle and cautious, as its pieces may splinter off like glass.

Pull “n” Snap

The name Pull “n” Snap stems from how this wax behaves when using a dab tool. You can snap a piece off the wax lump. But it pulls away slowly.

Pull “n” Snap is a close cousin to shatter. This wax wears a similar amber or golden colour but has a somewhat different consistency. Its consistency resembles taffy and is slightly stickier and more malleable than shatter. As a result, you may have a far easier time working with this wax, but it can cause a sticky mess.

Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax

Just like shatter, sugar wax is created via the butane extraction method. It comprises weed strains that have water retention abilities and the consistency of wet sugar. Visualize the consistency of a cup of sugar blended with coconut oil. That’s a moist, sappy consistency and best describes the texture of sugar wax. 

The colour of sugar wax can be anything from light yellow to dark amber. Using a dab tool, you’ll have an easier time scooping up your desired amount. 


If you’re not keen enough, you might easily confuse sauce with sugar. Sauce boasts a more uniform texture compared to sugar. It also appears slightly thicker or saucier and has fairly larger crystal pieces compared to the finer texture associated with sugar.


Budder is also called “badder.” This wax-like dab features a consistency that resembles that of cake batter. It is created at higher temperatures and whipped all through the extraction process. As a result, it is oilier, softer, and stickier than any of the types of wax above. Its colour ranges anywhere from light yellow to orange.

Thanks to its consistency, you can easily scoop and spread it on different things like blunts, joints, or dab rigs. Despite the little cannabinoid content, budder is richer in terpenes. 


Crumble is seen as a fragile version of budder. Unlike budder, crumble is made at low heat temperatures to allow the solvent to evaporate slowly. Thus, it preserves the full flavour. 

Scooping up this type of wax using a dab tool causes it to crumble or disintegrate easily. This is because it has a more fragile consistency due to the air inside the chunk of wax.

Its colour ranges anywhere from yellow to orange. Rather than a shiny, saucy finish, crumble wears a matte finish.


A close counterpart to crumble is honeycomb wax. It features a dry consistency that is strikingly spongy. One may confuse this type of wax with a piece of honeycomb cereal or a natural honeycomb. Honeycomb wax will disintegrate into smaller pieces upon contact with a dab tool. You can then load the pieces into a dab rig bowl or pen. 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash features a paste-like consistency and is less bubble-like than its name suggests. The bubble aspect comes into the fray when you apply heat to this wax, causing it to bubble.

Bubble hash is available in an assortment of colours. Red or black colour represents a lower quality bubble hash. But the best type tends to be the blonde gold. 

Bubble Hash

Live Resin

If you’re looking for the finest-quality wax, look no further than live resin. Essentially, this type of wax retains the full profile of terpenes, delivering an aromatic dab experience. It is extremely gluey and takes on a dark yellow colour. You won’t have a hard time handling it compared to shatter. Its consistency lies between budder, sauce, and snap “n” pull.


The purest type of wax on the market is crystalline. It boasts up to 99 percent pure THC. When making crystalline, the THC is extracted and cut off from the rest of the cannabinoids. What you get is unadulterated, isolated wax in a crystal-like structure. 

A gram of crystalline may be sold as either a large piece or with a powder-like consistency. It is colourless and has neither flavour nor aroma. It comes with denser consistency than any of the mentioned types of wax.

The Bottom Line

Based on your desired method of dabbing, you can find the type of wax to suit your needs. Those wax dabs with a stickier consistency are useful with a dab rig. A blow torch heats the surface to sizzling temperatures, after which the wax turns to vapour, and you can inhale it via the bong.

In contrast, drier types of wax that are less dense and fragile are suitable for vaporizers. The vaporizers come with heating coils that evaporate the wax. Your method of consuming wax boils down to the consistency of the wax itself. 

Remember that wax dabs are extremely potent. Due to this reason, you should buy your concentrates from a certified cannabis dispensary. Be sure to start with a low dose as you build up your tolerance level.

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