5 Different Types of Dab Rigs

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Weed users have many ways to smoke, whether it be with a joint, a blunt, a Bong or a Pipe. But when it comes to using cannabis concentrates, dabbing is the best way to get the full potential out of your products. Dabbing is a method of consumption that involves using a Dab Rig. These devices are designed purely for dabbing concentrates, and there are many different types of Dab Rigs.

Dab Rigs often look similar to Bongs, and some Bongs can even be converted into Dab Rigs. The main difference is that these devices include a banger or “Dab nail” that can be heated to extremely high temperatures to instantly vaporize dabs of Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and other concentrates. Here’s a guide to the different types of Dab Rigs you can buy.

Regular Dab Rigs

While Dab Rigs can come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, most stick to a fairly simple mold. Regular Dab Rigs are usually made of glass and look similar to a clear glass beaker bong. However, these devices differ from Bongs as they contain a Quartz banger or dab nail.

Quartz bangers are designed to withstand much higher heats than glass. As such, you can use a butane torch to heat the banger until it’s hot enough to instantly vaporize your concentrates. You’ll then get a smooth, satisfying hit of THC through the mouthpiece of your Dab Rig.

Regular Dab Rigs are usually around 9 inches tall, allowing you to take long, powerful rips. However, they can come in various shapes and sizes. They can also come in silicone instead of glass, albeit still with a Quartz banger. While they don’t offer any extra features, they’re great for getting the job done without any bells or whistles.

Mini Dab Rigs

Mini Dab Rigs

While larger Dab Rigs are ideal for users who want hard-hitting hits, users who prefer convenience and portability might want to buy a Mini Dab Rig. These are simply rigs that come in much smaller sizes while still being capable of giving you great Dab Hits.

The benefit of these rigs is that they’re portable enough to take with you anywhere when you want a quick and convenient high. It’s easy to load up a dab and take a hit even despite the small size. Some users also find that it brings out more of the flavor of your dabs since the vapor reaches your mouth quicker.

There are some drawbacks to using a Mini Dab Rig, however. You’ll need to be careful when using such a small device not to get burned. You might also find that the hits are extra hot when they reach your mouth. With that said, these devices are great for users who want a travel-sized device.

Recycler Dab Rigs

Another one of the different types of Dab Rigs you can buy is Recycler Dab Rigs. These work just like other rigs- simply heat the banger, apply your dab, and enjoy the hits. However, they also enhance your hits thanks to the added feature of a recycler.

A recycler is a tube that recycles your water often included in Bongs and Dab Rigs. As you take a hit, the water comes up through the stem and falls back down through the recycler tube. Since your hits spend more time in the water, your hits are extra cool, smooth, and pure when they reach your mouth.

While some rigs simply contain one recycler, some have multiple recyclers to make your hits even better. Generally, these rigs will cost you a bit more than regular Dab Rigs. However, if you want smooth and powerful dab hits and don’t mind spending some extra money, Recycler Dab Rigs are a great option for you.

Recycler Dab Rigs


While Dab Rigs usually require you to heat the dab nail using a blow torch. However, you can also use an E-Nail instead. An E-Nail is an electronic attachment that allows you to simply press a button, apply your dab, and allow it to heat up automatically.

But instead of using an E-Nail attachment with a regular Dab Rig, you can also use an E-Rig. An E-Rig is a portable Dab Rig that’s made up of an E-Nail and a mouthpiece. All you have to do is heat your dab with the E-Nail and take a hit.

These devices are fantastic for users who don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to heat their dab nail manually every time they want to use their dabs. They’re also fantastic in terms of portability and convenience. With that said, they can be extremely expensive and some users prefer the taste and feel of normal glass Dab Rigs.

Convertible Bongs

Dab Rigs often look similar to Bongs. Glass Dab Rigs especially share a lot of similarities, with the main difference being that Dab Rigs include a Quartz banger or dab nail for concentrates instead of a regular glass bowl for weed.

However, many Bongs can also be adapted into Dab Rigs simply by replacing the Glass Bowl with a Quartz nail. You’ll need a Bong with a removable bowl and you’ll also need a Quartz nail that can fit in the same slot. But provided you have both, you can easily convert your Bong into a Dab Rig.

Some Bongs even come with an interchangeable bowl and banger. These two-in-one devices are perfect for users who want a versatile device for enjoying both types of products. You can get amazing dab hits and simply swap out the banger for a glass bowl when you want to use weed instead.


Dab Rigs can come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, and these are just five of the common types of Dab Rigs you can buy. If you’re looking for a powerful way to enjoy cannabis concentrates, then any of these can give you a sensational high.

Keep in mind that Dab Rigs aren’t for everybody. Hits from a Dab Rig can be exceptionally powerful, even for beginner users. Some users may prefer simply to use a Bong, Pipe or even products like cannabis Edibles and Tinctures. No matter how you prefer to consume weed, you can find what you need at BuyMyWeedOnline.com.

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