5 Purrfect Benefits of CBD for Cats

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Cannabidiol or CBD has been known to have beneficial effects on your pets’ health. Studies show that it is helpful to your feline friend if they are experiencing inflammation or other conditions. There are emerging trends that holistic veterinarians use to treat several ailments in your pet, including pain, anxiety, and inflammation, just to name a few. In past studies, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) have been shown to have therapeutic effects both in humans and animals. However, THC is also associated with mind-altering and euphoric psychoactive effects that can be adverse. For this reason, CBD is preferable to THC. It gives your pet the health benefits it has without causing erratic behavior.

CBD Use for Your Cat

Cats are arguably pretty predictable creatures. Yet, while they mostly act on their primitive instincts, they also develop their traits and personalities. Some are lively and playful, while others may be loners and standoffish. No matter your cat’s character, getting out of their norm should be a red flag. This can include lethargy, over-vocalization, and digestive issues, among others. In such situations, CBD can be quite useful.

Studies regarding CBD use in canines and humans have been wide. However, when it comes to cats, the research is still relatively new. Yet, preliminary evidence shows that CBD use in treating cats is promising. One of the major factors contributing to this conclusion is that CBD has been known to be gentle and safe for animal use. It also has several benefits for your cat. Here is a look at some of them.

Treating Pain

Aging naturally causes a variety of health issues. Your cat might start experiencing conditions such as arthritis, degenerative diseases, and bone loss. This can put your cat in a great deal of pain. While this happens to most pets, using CBD might help ease the pain and discomfort your cat might experience. 

Many cat owners state that their cats have had a better quality of life as they age due to CBD. Research in the matter shows that CBD has remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. If your cat is undergoing such pain, CBD can be an effective solution in alleviating pain. Not only is it effective and safe, but it also has few side effects. Additionally, this treatment is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is safe for both animals and humans.

Treating Cat Anxiety 

Treating Anxiety 

Just like humans, your feline pet gets anxious, too. This can be due to various reasons, such as abuse or abandonment. In other cases, they are just born with it. Whatever the cause, you do not fancy your pet being fearful all the time and seeing them suffering. If this anxiety goes unaddressed for long periods, it might cause other health issues. These include fur loss, digestive conditions, and other stress-related illnesses. Here, CBD can be a good solution. Since it has been known to have great anti-anxiety benefits to canines and humans, it is thought that it could have the same effects on felines. Whatever conditions trigger anxiety in your cat, CBD might be a good solution to soothe and relax them.

Treating Dementia

As your cat ages, it will inevitably face neural degeneration. You can easily tell that your cat is experiencing dementia when they unreasonably start yowling and howling. Excessive vocalization by your cat could be a sign that they are disoriented or distressed by increasing confusion. If this is the case, CBD can be helpful. It has been shown that CBD can aid in brain cell regeneration and neuroplasticity. It has been reported that it is so effective that the Israeli Army uses it as an immediate treatment for head injuries suffered in battle. 

Numerous studies have been done regarding the neuroprotective properties of CBD in humans. Since felines have a CBD neuroreceptors system similar to humans, it can be concluded that benefits can extend to cats suffering from dementia.

Treating Seizures

Watching your pet getting seizures can be alarming. They are caused when neurons in the brain fire abnormally. When this happens often, you should visit your pet doctor for a diagnosis. Also, it is a great opportunity to ask about CBD treatment to decrease the frequency and severity of the seizures. 

However, there is limited research on the benefits of CBD for felines with seizures. Yet, the National Institute of Health has researched the issue. The study shows that rodents experienced considerable reductions in epileptic seizures after administering CBD. It also showed it was an effective therapeutic anti-convulsant.

Treating Cat Seizures

Reducing Stress Due to Environmental Changes

As with many pets, your cat is wired to be attached to its environment. Most of them do not appreciate being taken out of their comfort zone. This can happen when you tag them along while traveling or by introducing another pet to their environment. In such situations, CBD has been known to reduce your cat’s stress and help them deal with the changes. CBD can achieve this without sedation, especially during a trip. 

Experts recommend administering a dose about 30 minutes before leaving or introducing another pet to the scenario. When traveling by airplane or car, CBD helps in calming them and making them quieter. This also eliminates the need for prescription drugs. You can experiment with your cat or consult your vet beforehand to know the optimal dose.

Final Thoughts

CBD for cats is safe. However, this is only true if you source it from a premium supplier or manufacturer. Additionally, administering CBD to your cat should be done professionally to avoid complications and get the full benefits of the product. Consult with your veterinarian to know the appropriate dose and administration. Your pet may also have preferences such as mixing CBD products with their treats. Start the dose at a minimal level and increase it gradually as needed.

CBD for cats is still a new field that is still being researched. However, it has been suggested that its strong holistic approach brings many benefits to your feline friend. To know more about the benefits of CBD for cats, visit us here and also know about the different products in-store.

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